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Energy Restructuring Agency is one of the leading Slovenian independent consulting companies in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficiency. Our range of services includes energy demand analyses, execution of energy concepts, feasibility studies, master plans, concept engineering, project management, financing and supervision, promotional activities and research work in the field of energy etc.

The main goal of our activities is highly correlated with sustainable development and minimising the effects of energy consumption on our environment. We feel that the development in the field of RES and Energy Efficiency plays a crucial role in solving ecological issues.  

Since the foundation of our company in 1991 we have been cooperating with ministries and agencies regulating this field and with local authorities. We also participated in many projects carried out under the framework of the European Commission like PHARE, THERMIE, SAVE, ALTENER and INCO-COPERNICUS.

We have prepared many promotional activities, international workshops and analyses for our clients, analized different approaches for project funding,  coordinated calls for tenders for projects financed by former Ministry for Energy and later for Ministry for Economic Affairs and also executed some financing schemes for governmental support to households for rational use of energy and renewable energy sources.



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